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TSU Polyathlonists - Winners of the 1st World Cup Stage

25 September 2018

The first stage of the World Cup in polyathlon in the discipline "Quadrathlon with running" was held in Evpatoria. It was attended by athletes from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, India and Morocco - 17 sports clubs in total.

The Tambov team, which included Derzhavin University students, took the third place.

In the absolute championship among women, where 40 polyathlon women competed, Karina Sandros showed the best result among the representatives of TSU. She ranked sixth. In the competitions for men, the best in our team was Alexander Kulaev. The athlete was the fifth of 42 participants.

The best result in the 2000 m race was shown by Kartik Karkera, a TSU medical student - 5.34 minutes.

“In the summer we could not train enough in swimming. That affected the result: after the swimming competition our team was out of the top three,” said Vladislav Kamenskikh, TSU coach of polyathlon team. “However, excellent performance in long-distance running brought us back to the top places.”