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TSU medical students took second place in the laparoscopic competition at the 3rd Universiade for Surgery at RUDN University

10 October 2018

The 3rd Universiade on Surgery was held in Moscow. It was dedicated to the 55th anniversary of the Department of Operative Surgery and Clinical Anatomy named after I.D. Kirpatov of the Russian Peoples Friendship University. The competition was attended by 18 teams, each of which consisted of three people.

TSU was presented by the students of the Medical Institute Alexei Khizhnyak, Alena Luzhnova and Maxim Grigoriev under the guidance of Professor Nikolay Ognerubov, Head of the Department of Anatomy, Operative Surgery and Oncology. The TSU team had been preparing for the competition for about two months.

The Derzhavin University students performed a number of surgical procedures: they sewed the Achilles tendon, knitted the knots by hand and with laparoscopic instruments. In a theoretical competition, students had to answer questions about medicine based on a collection of tests for admission to residency in the United States. The TSU team was in seventh place by the number of correct answers.

At the second stage of the laparoscopic competition, future doctors performed basic laparoscopic skills required for the work of an endoscopist surgeon. The TSU team took second place with 6.6 points out of 7.5 possible.

According to the results of all competitions TSU took eighth place.