22 October 2018

Students from the University of Luxembourg will come to TSU on exchange


Students of the Faculty of History, World Politics and Sociology at TSU took part in the international seminar “Russia and Luxembourg in the 20th Century: Crossroads of History” which was held at the University of Luxembourg. The project was initiated by professors of the University of Luxembourg Guido Lessing and Inna Genshaw and researchers of Derzhavin Tambov State University – Head of the Department of General and Russian History, Professor Yuri Mizis and Head of Department of International Relations and Political Science, Associate Professor Natalia Zhukovskaya.

The purpose of the scientific seminar is the exchange of historical information and discussion of the proposed projects: “Luxembourg as the center of the emergence of the EU”, “Russian emigration in Luxembourg in the 20th century”, “Luxembourgists forced into the Wehrmacht camps in Tambov”. The working language of the seminar was English. Lectures to the students were conducted by Professor Yuri Mizis and Associate Professor Natalia Zhukovskaya. The participants exchanged views on issues related to the history and modern relations of Russia with the European Union and Tambov-Luxemburg relations.

At the visiting sessions, students visited the War History Museum of the city of Dickerch (Luxembourg) and the ancient German city of Trier. The seminar participants also got acquainted with the work of the European Parliament in Strasbourg (France), they visited the conference room and held a round table with a deputy from Luxembourg.

A continuation of the exchange will be a visit to Luxembourg students and teachers of Tambov. The trip is scheduled for February.

“Luxembourg students are looking forward to coming to Russia in the winter to get to know Russian national traditions more closely, exchange information on history of our countries, and discuss joint research projects. We hope that these seminars will continue in the future,” - says Professor Yuri Mizis.