30 October 2018

A political scientist from Japan has completed a scientific internship at Tambov State University


Masatomo Torikai, a doctoral student in political science at the Faculty of Law at the University of Tokyo has completed a scientific internship at TSU. He also took part in the different events of the Department of History, World Politics and Sociology.

“The topic of my doctoral dissertation is closely related to the study of center-peripheral relations in modern Russia,” said Masatomo Torikai. “I’ve done my own empirical research in the regions of Russia. I’ve visited four national republics: Bashkortostan, Dagestan, Tatarstan and Chuvashia. Tambov region was the first of the areas where I’ve worked. The scientific internship at TSU allowed me to get involved in the scientific and educational process of the faculty, to become part of it.”

The Japanese political scientist participated in the East-West political science seminar initiated by his arrival. It consisted of a cycle of classes in which participants discussed the issues of the relevance of the profession of a political scientist and mental features of political behavior and process.

“The arrival of the Japanese scientist is useful both to him and to us, because there is a mutual enrichment of educational methods, the research tools are refined, inter-university cooperation is being strengthened,” said TSU rector Vladimir Stromov. “While working at the Pushkin Library, Mr. Torikai saw the advertisement of a meeting of the Russian-Japanese Friendship Society and visited it. This is an excellent example of how scientific cooperation brings together interests and peoples.”