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Associate Professor Irina Popovicheva - Co-organizer of the Russian Language Week at the Chinese University

12 November 2018

The Russian Language Week was held at the Russian Language Department of the TSU’s partner Hainan University. It was dedicated to the celebration of National Unity Day in Russia.

The organizers were Associate Professor Irina Popovicheva, the Department of Russian as a Foreign Language of TSU named after G.R. Derzhavin and Varvara Vukolova, the Department of Russian Philology of TSTU. The Russian language week was held with the support of the administration of the Tropical Agrarian and Forestry Institute of Hainan University and Professor U Ping, dean of the Russian Language Faculty.

Chinese students studying the Russian language took part in the presentation of their projects “Russia is far and near”, in the Olympiad in the Russian language and regional geography, as well as in the competition of public speaking on the theme “Russian language in the modern world”.

The basis of the content of the projects “Russia far and near” was information about the geography and history of our country. For their presentations, Chinese students chose such topics as “Russia on the World Map”, “Natural Resources of the Russian Federation”, “Peoples of the Russian Federation” and others. The jury noted students’ good knowledge of the Russian language, geography and history among.

Third-year students participated in the Olympiad on the Russian language and regional geography of Russia. The test questions checked knowledge of Russian grammar, culture and history. Seven students out of 57 participants won the prizes.

Fourth-year students competed in a public speaking competition. The students talked about the role of the Russian language in the modern world economic, political, cultural spaces, about the positive and negative factors affecting the Russian language today, about the employment prospects of Chinese students learning the Russian language. Guo Juanjuan became the winner of the competition. Last academic year he had a language internship at TSU named after G.R. Derzhavin.

Derzhavin University regularly implements joint projects with Chinese partner universities. Thus, TSU previously held the International Day of the Russian Language at the University of Haikou. This year, on the initiative of TSU professors the Days of the Russian Language have been organized in the Chinese university.