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Professor John Wyller of Norwegian University of Life Sciences gave lectures at TSU

13 November 2018

Professor John Wyller, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, lectured on mathematical methods for modeling various processes at TSU.

“It’s the second time I’ve come to Russia. I’ve been to St. Petersburg before. That was back in 1994. I really like Tambov, this is a beautiful city. I’m especially happy to be at TSU, because it’s a partner institution of the Norwegian University of Life Sciences,” says Professor Wyller. – “It was interesting for me to communicate with students, to know their opinions. In addition, together with the staff of the Department of Functional Analysis at TSU, we’ve been working on an important study. It is connected with the population dynamics of deer in northern Norway. As a result, we’re planning to develop forecasts that can predict various phenomena, for example, the deterioration of the food supply. In the future, these predictions can be used to improve management of natural resources of wildlife. I hope that in the future we will have new and equally interesting projects together with scientists from Derzhavin University.”

An agreement on scientific cooperation was concluded between TSU named after G.R. Derzhavin and Norwegian University of Life Sciences several years ago. In particular, it deals with joint research on mathematical modeling of complex biological systems and processes. There is also a joint postgraduate program at Norwegian University of Life Sciences which expands international scientific cooperation between the universities. As a result, TSU graduates Anna Machina, Irina Shlykova, Yulia Isaeva, Elena Malyutina, Valeriy Tafintseva, Yevgeny Burlakov have defended their dissertations for the title of Doctor of Philosophy at Norwegian University of Life Sciences.