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Time capsule with a message to students and staff of the University in 2118 has been laid in TSU

23 November 2018

The time capsule which students and staff of the University will open in a hundred years has been laid at TSU. It contains a USB stick with a film about the University, an envelope made specifically for the anniversary, and a message to descendants. The entire community of the university took part in composing the text of the letter to the future.

“The message says what activities the University is engaged in today, what it is proud of,” said TSU rector Vladimir Stromov. “Derzhavin University has always honored traditions and was famous for them. I am sure that we are doing the right thing, and our descendants, a hundred years later, having opened this time capsule, will be proud of us.”

The message also contains a directive to keep the educational and scientific process at a high level, to serve the Fatherland adequately, and to fulfill professional duty.

The solemn ceremony ended with a massive dance of TSU students and the launch of balloons in honor of the hundredth birthday of the University.