5 December 2018

Diplomats of the Republic of Korea have visited Tambov State University


A representative diplomatic delegation of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea headed by advisors Ms. Wee Myei Jae and Mr. Hwang Choongyon visited TSU. Korean guests began their program with visiting TSU museum showing a new exposition updated to the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the University. After that, teachers and students of the Faculty of History, World Politics and Sociology and the Faculty of Philology and Journalism watched the film “As One”.

“The film tells about one of the most interesting episodes in relations between North and South Korea. In 1991, the combined Korean women's team was sent to the table tennis world championship held in Japan, which won this tournament,” said Nikolai Zudov, deputy dean of the Faculty of History, World Politics and Sociologists at TSU. “This episode is highly praised in the Republic of Korea, considering it a symbol around which the entire Korean nation can gradually unite.

The film was followed by a lively discussion. It turned out that plenty of TSU students are interested in Korean history and culture. In addition, the proximity of our countries, a lot of historical intersections revealed the fact that the Tambov audience understood well the content of the film. The stay of the Korean delegation at TSU was crowned with the concert “The Beginning of Friendship”, which was held in honor of the guests.

“The arrival of the Korean delegation to our university is of significant importance,” noted TSU rector Vladimir Stromov. “We really appreciate and develop ties with Eastern countries. I’m head a Russian-Chinese Friendship Society in the region. Recently, a teacher from Tokyo University came to TSU to do research. In March next year another researcher will arrive. And now we are having the visit of the representative diplomatic delegation of the Republic of Korea. Such events unite the nations. But I would say another thing: such events are also important for consolidating the regional community. In this case it is cooperation of the Russian-Eastern Culture Foundation, whose director is our graduate Lyudmila Polikutina, the administration of the city of Kotovsk and TSU. This is a wonderful example when common interests create good things in the region.”