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TSU scientists presented the University at the conference "Sport, Health, Environment" in Serbia

17 December 2018

The Fifth International Scientific Conference "Sport, Health, Environment" was held at the Faculty of Sport of the University "Union-Nikola Tesla" (Serbia). Professors Alexander Keino and Anton Ryazanov of the Pedagogical Institute participated in the conference.

The purpose of the conference is the exchange of regional and international scientific achievements in the field of modern sports, health care and ecology, as well as expert discussion on current events in these areas.

The round table brought together deans from more than 20 faculties from various regions of Serbia and European countries, including Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Poland, Montenegro and others. They discussed the rights of athletes from a human rights perspective. Snežana Markovic, Director General of the Directorate of Democracy of the Council of Europe, took part in the discussion.

The conference participants held a discussion on the rights of athletes, doping in sports and lobbying the interests of athletes. Jean Gracia, Vice-President of the European Athletics Federation, Nenad Vukovic, President of the Serbian Lobbyists Association and Uroš Mitrović, Professor of the Faculty of Sport of the University “Union-Nikola Tesla” shared their views on the issue. Conference participants also made presentations.

“We’ve discussed a whole range of pressing issues, including school and university sports, its organizational and socio-psychological aspects,” said Alexander Keino, Associate Professor at the TSU Pedagogical Institute. “As the reports of our colleagues from different countries showed, we have common problems and common tasks in the development of sports, improving health and protecting the environment.”

TSU and the Faculty of Sport of the University “Union-Nikola Tesla” have been implementing joint academic programs for the second year as part of a cooperation agreement concluded between them. According to Alexander Keino, at the conference, the universities agreed to hold friendly tournaments in various sports and carry out professor exchange programs.