16 January 2019

Foreign students of Tambov State University got acquainted with the exposition “Syria, no mines”


TSU foreign students visited the exposition of Moscow painter Julia Latte "Syria, no min!". The exhibition was held in the Museum and Exhibition Centre of Tambov region.

“Not only the future of this country, but also the prospect of fighting international terrorism depends on the outcome of the conflict in Syria", -  said Tatyana Osadchaya, vice-rector of TSU for International Relations and International Students Affair, - The reflection of the military events in Syria through the paintings, makes it possible to realize the value of the peaceful sky over your head.

The paintings are made in the technique of coffee-drawing - drawing coffee solution on a canvas.

“I am delighted with the fact how it was possible to create the real picture of our world with the help of coffee,” - said Safai Hussam, a student of the Medical Institute of TSU from Syria. - I am amazed how Russian people help us to restore peace in my homeland.