1 February 2019

The Student Multifunctional Centre opened in Tambov State University


At the initiative of the rector of the Derzhavin University Vladimir Stromov, one of the first in Russia and the first in Tambov region the Student Multifunctional Centre opened in the Tambov State University. The work of the multifunctional center is aimed at helping TSU students to get all the necessary certificates related to studying and staying at the university using the “one window” system: all the necessary work for the applicant is performed by the staff of the MFC and other university structures.

“We want to focus the efforts of our university community on improving the quality of not only the educational process, but also support services,” - said Vladimir Stromov.
In the MFC students can receive copies of certified documents (licenses, certificates of state accreditation of a higher education institution), a reference call for a session, a certificate for submission to the military registration, academic certificate (scores) and characteristic, also our students may issue academic leave and exit from it. The service is provided within 5-10 minutes.
A student has several ways to get services: contact the MFC personally, order information through a personal account in the Moodle system or through the TSU mobile application.