5 March 2019

Our graduate from China U Men defended her thesis in TSU


A meeting of the dissertation council was held at Derzhavin University at the Faculty of Philology and Journalism. U Men from China, the graduate from TSU, successfully defended her thesis for the degree of Candidate of Philology in the specialty "Russian Language".
The topic of the thesis is “Explanatory dictionaries as a reflection of the evolution of the linguistic picture of the Russian people”. Scientific adviser - Doctor of Philology, Professor Anatoly Sharandin.

“My dream was not only to get an education in Russia, but also to become a teacher of the Russian language,” says U Men. - After graduating from the TSU Magistracy, I decided to continue my education in graduate school at the Russian language department. I studied the articles in the main explanatory dictionaries of the Russian language, which have been published for 200 years. The results of my research can be used in lexicology, lexicography, cultural linguistics, as well as in teaching Russian as a foreign language".