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TSU launched the readers competition in the framework of the project "Derzhavin Seasons"

15 March 2019

Anniversary competition of readers is dedicated to the 220th anniversary of the birth of A.S. Pushkin, opened the spring season of the cultural and educational project "Derzhavin Seasons".

"The spring cycle of the Derzhavin Seasons will be devoted to literature — the great Russian and foreign literature", - says TSU Rector Vladimir Stromov. - It is designed to demonstrate the true depth of Tambov's literary traditions - the achievements of our prose writers and poets, schools of literary criticism. Tambov is a place where the respect for the word, for literature, is always strong. Spring "Derzhavin Seasons" once again emphasise this statement".

The competition of readers will be held from March 15th to April 19th. Three age groups are invited to participate: pupils in grades 5–8; pupils of 9-11th grades, university students.
To participate in the competition of readers, it is necessary to send a request by March 25th to the address: konkurs.19@list.ru.

On March 29th, 12 a.m., an open lesson of the artistic word will be held at the TSU Educational Theater - the second stage of the competition. It will be led by the famous Russian artist, actor of the Central Academic Theater of the Russian Army Nikolai Lazarev. On the same day at 5 p.m. the guest will become the main character of the creative evening.