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United Student Research Council examines best practices for managing organisations

1 April 2019

At the invitation of Yevgeny Skriptsov, General manager of Tambov Building Structures Plant, deputy of the Tambov Regional Duma, members of the TSU United Student Research Council visited the plant. Evgeny Nikolaevich spoke about the main milestones of the enterprise, value orientations, showed all the stages of production and product quality control.
Students learned about the training of qualified personnel for industry in the region, the profitability of production, the social rights of workers, the specifics of legal support of transactions in the field of construction and production of building materials.

The meeting was also attended by students from Namibia and Tanzania, who receive medical education at TSU.

"I attended the Russian plant for the first time,” - said a student of the Medical Institute, Abdul Kareem. - As a future medic, I am always concerned about the working conditions of workers, issues of ensuring safety at the workplace, and medical care for employees. It is great that in Russia such attention is paid to life safety at the plant: at dangerous sites workers use masks and protective clothing, and in the workshops of the plant you can see order and cleanliness".