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The festival "Days of National Cultures" was held in TSU

5 June 2019

The 9th International Student Festival «Days of National Cultures» ended at Derzhavin University. This is an annual cultural program for Russian and foreign students, where they share the national traditions and customs of their countries.

More than 1,000 Russian and foreign students from universities of Tambov Region, the Central Federal District, and foreign universities-partners of the TSU annually take part in the festival. This year, representatives of 65 countries competed in the culinary competition "Dishes of the World", the contest of presentations "My Country", the dance competition "TAMBOVDANCE", the competition "The Best Room in a Dormitory".

The final chord of the «Days of National Cultures» was a gala concert. The program includes the best creative national numbers of Russian and foreign students from Tambov, Michurinsk and Lipetsk.

« Days of national cultures» is a unique event. The festival brings together students from 65 countries of the world and is a platform for the harmonization of international relations, where young people demonstrate the characteristics of their culture, - said Vladimir Stromov, TSU rector . - Thanks to intercultural interaction, we become more understandable to each other, more friendly.

The festival «Days of National Cultures» has been held at TSU since 2010. It is aimed at the development of international youth cooperation, interethnic student self-government and the strengthening of interethnic friendship, the realization of the creative abilities of young people from different countries.