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Students of Derzhavin University took part in the celebration the Day of Russia and the City Day

13 June 2019

On June 12, we celebrated the Day of Russia and the Day of the City. The celebration was attended by TSU students who prepared thematic grounds for Tambovites on Derzhavinskaya Street.

Representatives of the Tambov Regional Department “Volunteers-Medics” conducted master classes on the basics of first aid. The people of Tambov were able to get acquainted with the activities of the forensic laboratory of the Institute of Law and National Security of TSU, compile a photofit picture, and learn fingerprinting.  Students of the Faculty of Philology and Journalism of TSU presented Russian folk costumes. Teachers, psychologists and speech therapists of the Pedagogical Institute conducted free consultations and played with children. The Institute of Economics, Management and Service organized a tourist station for the guests and prepared a set of tasks to improve the financial literacy of the population. Tambovites were also able to see the products of the TSU Prototyping Center and take the badges as a souvenir. Welcome Center Derzhavinsky presented a project for the development of a system of student exchanges. The TSU Center for Marketing Educational Services organized a photo zone and provided Tambov residents with all the relevant information about TSU - passersby received printed materials. The Faculty of History, World Politics and Sociology prepared the site “Archaeological Monuments of Tambov Region” and presented the results of archaeological expeditions. Foreign students of the Tambov State University introduced the residents and guests of the regional center to their native culture, performing traditional songs on ethnic musical instruments. Citizens who graduated from the University could join the TSU Alumni Association. Tambovites also made a virtual tour of the Derzhavin University. The TSU orchestra created a festive mood.