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An international summer educational school has started at TSU as part of the Campus of Youth Innovation projects

22 July 2019

By 2024 more than 150 thousand people will become residents of the Campus of Youth Innovation. This organ is an important element of the system for the development of additional education. Its peculiarity is functioning in the intercultural environment and focusing on the global trends of the future, the needs of the labor market and the social order. The first shifts started in Volgograd and Nefteyugansk. Now - in Tambov, in the TSU named after G.R. Derzhavin, the International Summer School of Active Youth “Our Unity in Our Diversity” has begun. 200 foreign schoolchildren and students from 30 countries came to the 14-day shift. The main purpose of the school will be the creation of a multicultural educational and educational platform of a vocational orientation aimed at popularizing the Russian higher education system, the Russian language, culture of Russia, the national diversity of Russian students, an active full-fledged comprehensively developed personality, aware of its own national identity and being part of a multicultural modern society.

- The International Summer School of Active Youth is implemented as part of the implementation of the federal project “The Success of Every Child” of the national project “Education”, - says the rector of the TSU named after G.R. Derzhavin Vladimir Stromov. - Conducting this school on the basis of our university is a significant educational, developmental and socio-cultural event for both Tambov State University and the region as a whole, because it is part of a large-scale all-Russian project “Campus of youth innovations”. During the summer, 38 sites throughout Russia will be changed in the format and ideology of the campus. Among the first participants who enter this project is Derzhavin University.

The peculiarity of the implementation of Campus shifts is, that all programs are built on the principle of project activities and gamification of the educational process, and also focus on the individual trajectory of the development of children.

“The school’s program consists of several blocks: Technology, Communication, Science and Innovation, Creativity, Education and Economics,”- says Tatyana Osadchaya, Vice-Rector for International Relations and Work with Foreign Students. - Foreign guests from Italy, the Czech Republic, Poland, Serbia, Northern Macedonia, Vietnam, China and a number of other countries will attend classes in the Russian language and culture, and be trained in intercultural communication. A cultural and educational program for the Tambov and Tambov region was prepared for them.

On the opening day of the International Summer School, the participants shared with each other the peculiarities of their culture, showed national creative program. But to touch the Russian culture directly in Russia, some did not even dream.

“I really like to learn Russian,”- admits David Bishek, a student at a Czech gymnasium. - At home there is little practice in Russian with native speakers and here in Tambov I can speak Russian a lot. It is my first time in Russia. Russian culture is very beautiful.

The International Summer School of Active Youth “Our unity in our diversity” will end on July, 30 with International Friendship Day. In the final  the participants will defend their projects and the musical performance “Tambov - the city of our friendship”.

In autumn, three more changes of the Campus of Youth Innovations project will be held at TSU, each of which will become an international educational platform for the formation of key competences of children and young people in the field of digital technology, mathematics and computer science. Shifts will be held at the Galdym recreation center, where 300 schoolchildren from the Tambov region will arrive, as well as students from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.