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On International Charity Day, students Derzhavin university took part in the action «Collect waste paper - save the child!»

6 September 2019

Foreign students of TSU named after G.R. Derzhavin, members of the «GoodWin» international volunteer team, took part in the charity action «Collect waste paper - save the child!», dedicated to the International Charity Day. The action was held on the basis of school No.36.

Volunteers of Derzhavin University together with the Tambov regional branch of the Russian Children's Fund and students of school No.36 not only collected waste paper, but also shared the experience of charity organizations.

The proceeds will be sent to the fund of six-year-old Kostya Chistyakov, who needs a lung ventilation apparatus.

A 2nd year student of the TSU Medical Institute Anass Benas admitted, that foreign students are pleased to participate in activities aimed at helping children and the elderly,

- It does not matter what country we are in, the main thing is to help children, old people, orphans. It is our duty, - said Anass Benas.