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Foreign students of TSU and Michurinsk Agrarian University dedicated a football match to fight against terrorism

12 September 2019

Foreign students of Tambov State University and Michurinsk Agrarian University held a football match. The game was dedicated to the fight against terrorism, xenophobia and violence in the world.

After the match, foreign students and representatives of two universities honored the memory of people who died during the terrorist attacks in Beslan, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Volgograd and other cities of Russia and the world. The students held a “Sport Against Terrorism” flash mob and, as a sign of solidarity in the fight against terrorism, tied white and blue ribbons to each other's hands.

“Today more than 3,000 foreign students from around the world live in  Tambov region,” - says Natalia Ershova, director of the Resource and Methodological Center for Interethnic Interaction at TSU. - It is important to unite students, to strengthen friendly relations between them, to form their rejection of ideas related to the promotion of violence, cruelty.

- Such friendly meetings allow representatives of different cultures to get to know each other better. Young people want one thing - peace, stability and opportunities for self-realization, - said Petros Mwanza, a student at TSU Medical Institute.