15 September 2018

About 2000 Derzhavin University students took part in the Parade of Russian Students


Tens of thousands of first-year students from more than 50 cities of Russia went to the XVII Parade of Russian Students on September 15. This is a grandiose youth event, whose goal is to rally students from different educational institutions and to give the first-year students the opportunity to feel part of the Russian student family.

In Tambov, the Parade was held under the support of the Administration of the city and the region, the Council of Rectors of the Tambov region and the Council of Vice Rectors on educational work of educational organizations of higher education in Russia.

About six thousand freshmen - representatives of higher and secondary special educational institutions of the city – took part in the parade. TSU named after G.R. Derzhavin became the basic educational organization of higher education in terms of holding the event in the region. At the solemn procession the column of Tambov students was headed by the Derzhavin University students: the TSU orchestra directed by the Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation, Professor Yuri Sergin, followed by 50 flags with Russian tricolors, freshmen of Tambov State University carrying symbols and flags of the University.

The procession was followed by the festive program, which was opened by the roll call of universities. Derzhavin University students chanted the motto of the University: "Learn sciences and be true to Russia!"

Top officials of the region and representatives of higher educational institutions addressed the freshmen.

A teleconference between the participating cities of the action was an important part of the Parade. During the direct inclusion of Tambov students with a loud ovation greeted the youth from other parts of Russia.

"In your universities you will get knowledge that will make it possible to achieve success in various fields and, of course, to become modern people with a proactive approach to life," Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev addressed the first-year students of the whole country. “You are talented guys, and I have no doubt that you will succeed. I wish you interesting studies, bright discoveries and new acquaintances.”

The culmination of the holiday was taking Oath of the Russian Student. The words of the Oath were read by representatives of Tambov universities, including first-year students of the Derzhavin University.

"The parade of Russian students has united students from universities all over Russia, and for me it's important to feel part of a large community," said Ilya Kolesnik, a freshman from Tambov State University. “Smiles, solemn music, parade procession and festive slogans make each participant a part of a single student family!”

The festival included performances by Tambov pop stars. To crown it all, TSU named after G.R. Derzhavin presented prizes to the winners of the hashtag competition. Freshmen Anastasia Dubovitskaya and Alexander Kozyrev became owners of a smartphone and wireless headphones.