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Student social-oriented projects summed up in TSU

8 June 2018

Derzhavin University summed up the results of the contest "My project - from idea to implementation", dedicated to the 100th anniversary of TSU. The competition was supported by the Trust Fund of TSU named after GR. Derzhavin, the Foundation for the Development of Classical Education and the TSU Alumni Association. The students had the opportunity to submit copyright projects and receive grants for their implementation. This year the students submitted 11 works for the competition.

“Derzhavin University supports students and helps, including financially, in the implementation of their initiatives. For the first time the contest of socially-oriented projects was held last year. As a result, students purchased equipment for conducting intellectual games in TSU and developed educational programs to improve financial literacy of schoolchildren,” said Vladimir Stromov, Rector of TSU. “This year, as part of the activities of the United Student Scientific Council, we will additionally announce a startup competition for student innovative ideas and developments. Winners will receive grants for the implementation of their projects.”

In the contest "My Project - from Idea to Implementation", Alexander Yurlov, a student at the Faculty of History, World Politics and Sociology of TSU, was awarded a First Class Diploma. He got the prize for the project "Derzhavin Intellectual Games Festival".

“The idea of creating the festival has been ripening for a long time,” says Alexander. “We have organized over 20 events over the period of seven months, since the time the TSU Intellectual Club was created. We have enough experience to express ourselves at the regional level and hold a big intellectual festival. This will be the first student festival of that kind in the Tambov region, which will give impetus to the development of intellectual movement in the region. It is extremely important for us to establish close contacts with other educational institutions in the region to give all lovers of intellectual leisure the opportunity to show themselves.”

A Second Class Diploma was awarded to Daria Zavrazhina, a student of the Institute of Law and National Security of TSU. She took part in the competition offering her project "StudLoft".

"I want to create a zone for relaxation and psychological relief for students and teachers in the building of the Institute of Law and National Security," said Daria. “On the third floor, I am planning to organize a recreation area with bean bags, coffee tables, and air bubble panel. It seems to me that every student has long dreamed of such a new and stylish space.”