29 June 2018

The delegation from Palestine visited Derzhavin University


The delegation from Palestine has paid a visit to Tambov State University named after GR. Derzhavin. TSU has been successfully cooperating with several Palestinian universities. In particular, in March 2018 Derzhavin University signed a cooperation agreement with the University of Al-Istiklal (Jericho), whose representatives visited Derzhavin University to discuss the development of relations between partner universities.

“We would like to thank you for the warm welcome and the opportunity to discuss the prospects of our partnership. Russia and Palestine are united by a historical link, and we want to continue it so that it does not stop," said Rajah Svidan, Deputy Rector of the University of Al-Istiklal. “The main task for us is the development of knowledge of the Russian language and culture at the University of Al Istiklal.”

At the meeting, the parties discussed the prospects for academic and cultural cooperation between Tambov State University and the University of Al-Istiklal, including teaching Russian in Palestine and professors and student exchange programs.

“Derzhavin University is one of 39 Russian universities participating in the implementation of the federal project "Development of the Export Potential of the Russian Education System". Strengthening and development of international relations is an important area for the university community,” emphasized Irina Naletova, Vice-rector for Academic Affairs of the University. “Tambov State University has six agreements on cooperation with Palestinian public organizations. Palestinian students are currently studying at TSU, and today we are defining and specifying the areas for further cooperation.”

Some time ago a TSU delegation took part in the scientific conference "Palestinian-Russian Relations: Realities and Prospects", which was held at the University of Al-Istiklal. Prof. Vladimir Romanov, Dean of the Faculty of History, World Politics and Sociology, and Prof. Natalia Zhukovskaya, Head of the Department of International Relations and Political Science, presented a scientific paper on "Problems of social adaptation of students from Palestine in the conditions of a regional university (based on the example of Tambov)." It was the result of a study conducted by the Department of International Relations and Political Science on the study conditions for group of Palestinian students in Tambov universities.

In May 2018 Derzhavin University in cooperation with Al-Istiklal University and the Palestinian-Russian Academic Society participated in a joint project to prevent attempts to distort and falsify the role of the USSR in the Second World War.

The TSU delegation took part in the events dedicated to the celebration of the 73rd anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War (World War II). Within the framework of the Immortal Regiment action, the Derzhavin University representatives together with their compatriots from Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Ramallah, Nablus, Tulkarm and Hebron marched along the streets of Bethlehem. Representatives of the Palestinian authorities and public organizations also took part in the march.

TSU professors conducted a series of lectures on the role of the USSR in the Second World War for students of two secondary schools in Bethlehem and students of two leading universities in Palestine: the University of Al Istiklal (Jericho) and Technical University of Kuduri (Tulkarm).