10 July 2018

First graduates of new specialties received diplomas in TSU


Since 2014 TSU Medical Institute has been providing an opportunity to get secondary vocational education on the basis of 9 years of study in the "Nursing" program. For the first time, 39 graduates received diplomas. Six of them are excellent students.


According to Eduard Osmanov, Director of the Medical Institute, the main thing in program is to pay as much attention to developing practical skills of future specialists as possible. So, last year the Simulation-Accreditation Center with the newest simulators, mannequins and robots was opened, where students practice diagnostic and therapeutic manipulations.


This year, for the first time, 20 state-funded places were allocated to the "Sisterhood". Enrollees should pass the entrance test. It helps to identify the incoming psychological qualities necessary for training.


The diplomas will be also received by specialists in legal support for national security. In 2012, the rector of TSU decided to establish the Institute of National Security and Law in order to train law enforcement officers on the basis of a civilian university. A new specialty was licensed for this purpose.


“The main task of the Institute during the first year of existence was to prove itself among the employees of the law enforcement agencies. To do this, the training process was directly related to the practical work. After training sessions, students went on joint work with representatives of law enforcement agencies. One year later, they started to work with the staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, and the Department for Regional Security of the Tambov Regional Administration. Today, more than 25% of graduates work on a freelance basis in law enforcement. For the first time students of a civil university practiced on the basis of a special unit of one of the power structures of the Tambov region,” says Vera Shunyaeva, Director of the Institute of Law and National Security.


This year saw the first graduates, 78 specialists in economic security, of the Institute of Economics, Management and Service. 


Graduates of economic security are able to develop recommendations in the field of ensuring the economic security of commercial enterprises and also assess possible financial losses.