10 July 2018

Tambov State University named after G.R. Derzhavin participates in Summer School in Paris


Jana Chernova, Associate Professor of the Department of Philosophy and Methodology of Science, took part in the Summer School in Paris, dedicated to the outstanding French philosopher Paul Ricœur. She made a scientific report "The problem of the symbol in the philosophical hermeneutics of P. Ricœur."


The school was held at the Protestant Theological Institute under support of the Paul Ricœur Foundation and the Center for the Study of Arts and Languages. During this week philosophers, sociologists, philologists, theologians of France, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Brazil and Japan shared their research experience. Participants made reports in English and French at round tables and sections, and also participated in the evening two-hour sessions.


The President of the Scientific Council of the Ricœur Foundation, Mr. Frei, proposed to continue cooperation with Russian studies and translate a number of articles from Russian into French, and also to take part in the competition for the best annotation of little-known works by Paul Ricœur with the support of the Foundation.