11 July 2018

197 foreign students received diplomas of Derzhavin University


Tambov State University conducted the graduation ceremony for foreign students of the Medical Institute. The third graduation of the "General medicine" program consists of 197 boys and girls from 26 countries. Over 400 people visited the ceremony. There were TSU professors, representatives of foreign embassies, as well as parents and friends of the graduates.


“The number of international students at TSU has been growing from year to year. This suggests a high quality of education at our university. Next year, taking into account those who will be enrolled for the first year, more than 2,800 foreign students from 64 countries will be trained. We are doing everything to ensure that our traditional Russian hospitality extends to them. We introduce foreigners to history and traditions of our country, so that when they leave us they will take a piece of Russia to their motherland. It is not accidental that Derzhavin University entered the priority project of export development of Russian education,” emphasized Vladimir Stromov, TSU Rector.


Graduates said "The oath of a doctor". They swore honestly to fulfill their medical duty, devote their knowledge and skills to the preservation and strengthening of human health. The concert program was opened with a light and flag show. A Russian folk dance group also performed at the festival.  


The celebration ended on Music Square. Graduates who showed high results in science, sports and sociocultural life were given letters of thanks. In the evening future doctors released LED balloons into the sky.