1 August 2018

TSU Scientists develop SMART greenhouses for enterprises of the agro-industrial complex of the country


At the end of spring, the rector of TSU Vladimir Stromov approved of the construction of an experimental greenhouse complex. Now there are four modern greenhouses in the Ecological Scientific and Educational Center. On the basis of this complex, students doing biological and biotechnological courses will practice different methods of growing rare and high value plants, as well as regulations for the use of organic and organo-mineral fertilizers developed by specialists of Derzhavin University.

TSU scientists will also work on the development and testing of controllers and control systems for greenhouse complexes. Such devices are created by students and professors engaged in the area of study "Infocommunication technologies and communication systems". A monitoring system that monitors various parameters, creating artificial fog and supplying agrochemicals, is characterized by increased energy efficiency, productivity, and environmental friendliness. Use of wireless transmission of data is an innovation format which was previously unused.

The scientific work will result in producing domestic samples of SMART systems for enterprises of the agro-industrial complex. These TSU competencies are declared for commercialization within the framework of one of the projects of the Innovation Center "Michurinskaya Dolina". The Head of the administration of the Tambov region Alexander Nikitin and the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Sergeyev got acquainted with prototype devices at the exhibition at the Federal Scientific Center named after I.V. Michurin.