13 August 2018

The admission campaign at TSU is going on


The majority of applicants for the academic year 2018/2019 have already been enrolled at University in compliance with the admission quotas for full-time studies (bachelor's degree program, specialist degree program and master's degree program) and part-time studies (master’s degree program). Over the next week, state-financed openings will be filled by applicants for residency training, bachelor’s and specialist degree programs, part-time studies. The total number of state-financed openings this year is over 1,400.

Traditionally, the largest number of applications in TSU was submitted for economic and legal areas of training, where the enrollment competition was from 17 to 24 people per place. The highest passing grade is for the area of studies "Jurisprudence" - 248 (the average score of the USE here is 87). A high passing grade in the second wave was shown by applicants applying for "Philology". High enrollment competition was also in such areas of training as "Sociology", "Political Science", "International Relations", "Advertising and Public Relations" (12 to 15 people per place).

A lot of applicants are still interested in pedagogical specialties. Depending on the profile of training, the enrollment competition here was from two to seven people per place. Medical specialties are also in demand.

“The peculiarity of this year's enrollment campaign was that the admission to such specialties as "General Medicine" and "Pediatrics" was conducted within the quota of the target admission and a special quota," said Irina Naletova, vice-rector for academic work at TSU. “Within the quota of the target admission, the enrollment competition for “General Medicine@ was two people per place and for "Pediatrics" it was six people per place.

A new thing for this year was the allocation of state-funded places for "Clinical Psychology", where the enrollment competition was seven people per place. Master’s degree programs in Psychology enjoyed great popularity with applicants.

Natural sciences areas of study and creative specialties still attract the applicants.

Admission on a commercial basis is still going on. The results of the enrollment campaign will be known after all applicants are enrolled.