14 September 2018

"Derzhavin mile 2018" running competition was held in Tambov


It was for the second time that the "Derzhavin Mile", a track and field cross-country running, took place in Tambov. This year it is devoted to the 100th anniversary of the foundation of Tambov State University named after G.R. Derzhavin. A large-scale sports festival brought together about four thousand schoolchildren, students, graduates, professors and other employees of TSU. Tambov residents and guests from Bryansk, Belgorod, Voronezh, Krasnodar and other cities took part in the cross-country race.

“The development of physical education and sports has always been a priority in our university,” said the rector of Tambov State University Vladimir Stromov. “Derzhavin University, over its long and rich history, has managed to become a real center of sports life in the Tambov region, which brought up excellent athletes and coaches.

Derzhavin participants had to cover a distance of 1918 meters: the figure corresponding to the year of the foundation of the University. Professional athletes were able to run 10 km and 21.1 km.

“Today, it was not difficult to run, I felt the excitement - I love massive starts. The result, of course, pleased me,” Anastasia Ivanishcheva, a student who won the first place in girls competition for the distance of 1918 meters, shared her impressions. “At the finish, everyone was cheering and supporting us like one big family. I want to participate in such competitions in future and I'm already looking forward to "Derzhavin Ski Track".