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Derzhava Chess Club

August 12, 2020



Derzhava Chess Club appeared in TSU in April this year. Initially, the enthusiasts created the club as an online association, allowing chess players to maintain their form during the period of self-isolation. Then not only students, but also chess fans from all over Tambov region, including children, joined the club.

- Many children applied to join the club," - said Pavel Popov, the founder of the Derzhava Chess Club. - After a while it became necessary to create several children's teams by age to participate in international and national tournaments. The club also has players from other regions of Russia and even countries: Algeria, Morocco, Malaysia and others. The participants are from 1947 to 2013 year of birth. Derzhava Chess Club has 123 members so far.

As the club's founder notes, only few people popularise chess among young people in the Tambov region, although children are very keen on chess. According to Pavel Popov, there are practically no permanent chess playgrounds and competitions in the region. Pavel sees this as the reason why interest in high school and university chess has declined. The creation of the Derzhava Chess Club, an association of chess players of different ages that will increase the popularity of chess among people of different generations, is aimed at solving this problem.

As soon as the epidemiological situation in the region stabilizes, the club will function not only online but also offline. Weekly chess tournaments for the prizes of Tambov State University are planned to be held in Derzhavinsky Technopark.