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Derzhavin University held the first e-sports forum in the Tambov Region

December 17, 2019



TSU held the first cybersport forum in the Tambov Region. There were more than 70 participants: students and schoolchildren who are interested in computer sports, owners of e-sports clubs, representatives of the Computer Sports Federation and the university administration.

The opening of the forum was a panel discussion on the theme "The development of e-sports in Tambov and the development of e-sports schools in TSU." It was attended by Anton Minaev, Vice-President of the Tambov Region Computer Sports Federation and Artyom Dudin, Assistant Rector of TSU.

The e-sportsmen of the TSU team held master classes in the disciplines Dota2, Hearthstone and CS:GO for the forum participants. The guys shared their experience of major competitions, in practice worked out game techniques. This day also hosted the FIFA20 tournament.

Among the participants played certificates of partners: the computer club “Skill”, the virtual reality club “VR House” and the coffee shop “Black Wood”.

The team of the university "DerzhaWin" was awarded for victory in the TSU Domestic Tournament. In just a year of existence, the university team was able to take fourth place in the competitions of the All-Russian e-sports student league, to win the Dota2 discipline in the Tambov Region.

The next step will be a meeting with representatives of the Computer Sports Federation of the Voronezh Region to exchange experiences and form joint projects.