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International students of Derzhavin University receive free vaccinations

November 1, 2021




International students studying at the Derzhavin University can receive the COVID-19 vaccination for free. For international citizens the vaccination is chargeable, the obligation to pay for the vaccine for their students is assumed by the university.

- There are more than 2,000 international students from 60 countries at the Derzhavin University. Our University and Tambov have already become their home, and it is our duty to make their lives here comfortable and safe, - says Rector Vladimir Stromov. In the face of the spread of a new coronavirus infection, our international students want to contribute to building a collective immunity, and we, for our part, are always ready to support them. The vaccination is being carried out by the staff of the Tambov  Archbishop Luke's City Clinical Hospital. The staff of Tambov Archbishop Luke City Hospital  and Tambov Polyclinic No. 5 provide vaccinations at our mobile vaccination centre and the health centre of the university.

For four months now, mobile vaccination centres have been functioning at Derzhavin University. The university was one of the first educational institutions in the region to open such centers for all Tambov residents. During this time more than 800 people were vaccinated.