TSU has cooperation agreements with hundreds of foreign universities, research centers and public organizations from over 45 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and America. More than half of them are co-operating under bilateral agreements. The number of contracts with foreign partners is constantly growing: in 2010 there were 27 agreements, in 2013 - 77, in 2015 - 95. To date, there are 119 contracts with foreign partners from 34 countries.


  1. Belarus State Economic University, Minsk

  2. Baranovichi State University

  3. International Nongovernmental Organization “Ponimanie” / “Understanding”

  4. Sientific and practical Center for Bioresources of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

  5. Polotsk State University


  1. Plovdiv University “Paisii Hilendarski”

  2. International Business School

  3. St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo

Bosnia and Herzegovina

  1. Pan-European University Aperion, Banja Luka

  2. Vitez University, Travnik

  3. Slobomir P University

The United Kingdom

  1. University of Central Lancashire

  2. Birmingham City University

  3. ООО Language 360

  4. Portsmouth Business School


  1. Hungarian Cultural, Research and Information Center in Moscow


  1. University of Education, Vietnam National University Hanoi

  2. Hanoi Branch of Pushkin State Russian Language Institute


  1. Goethe Society, Wetzlar

  2. Koblenz-Landau University

  3. Bremen University

  4. Goethe Institute, Berlin

  5. Tubingen University

  6. Union of Christian Youth of Wetzlar-Giessen

  7. Martin Luther University, Halle-Wittenberg

  8. Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in the Russian Federation

  9. German Cultural Center named after Goethe at the Consulate General of Germany in Moscow


  1. International Medical Graduates Academy


  1. Jordan University of Science and Technology

  2. Jordan University

  3. Yarmouk University


  1. International Cultural Organization ARTUNIVERSO, Cagliari

  2. University of Cagliari


  1. Bureau of Culture of the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in the Russian Federation

  2. University of Baghdad


  1. Kokshe Academy Академия «Кокше»

  2. Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

  3. South Kazakh Humanities Institute named after Mardan Saparbaev, Shymkent

  4. Turan-Astana University

  5. K. Zhubanov Aktobe Regional State University

  6. Kostanay State Pedagogical University

  7. Sh. Ualikhanov Kokshetau State University

  8. Karaganda State Medical University


  1. Qingdao University

  2. Central China Normal University

  3. Center for Russian Studies at East China Normal University

  4. East China Normal University

  5. Hainan University

  6. Tianjin Foreign Studies University

  7. Xi'an Jiaotong University


  1. Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University named after the First President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin


  1. University of Luxembourg

  2. A.P. Chekhov School in Luxembourg


  1. International Slavic University G.R. Derzhavin


  1. Université Hassan II de Casablanca


  1. Eduardo Mondlane University

The Netherlands



  1. Norwegian University of Life Sciences


  1. Palestine Polytechnic University

  2. Al-Quds Open University


  1. Baltic Institute of Mathematics

  2. Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń

  3. University of Administration and Social Sciences in Warsaw

  4. Siedlice University of Natural Sciences and Humanities

  5. Polish Russian Institute

  6. Sopot Higher School


  1. Alfa University

  2. Nish University

  3. University Union Nikola Tesla

The United States of America

  1. Bellevue University

  2. Indiana State University

  3. University of Alaska Anchorage

  4. Cisco Networking Academy


  1. Avicenna Tajik State Medical University

  2. Institute of Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the Tajik Republic

  3. M. Osimi Tajik Technical University

  4. Tajik National University


  1. University of Tunisia El Manar

  2. University of Carthage


  1. Bulent Ecevit University


  1. Samarkand Institute of Economics and Service

  2. Tax Academy of the State Tax Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan

  3. Society of Microbiologists of the Republic of Uzbekistan

  4. Bukhara State Medical Institute named after Abu Ali Ibn Sin


  1. Lugansk State Academy of Culture and Arts Луганская государственная академия культуры и искусств

  2. Lesya Ukrainka East-European National University

  3. Berdyansk University of Management and Business


  1. University of Helsinki


  1. University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne

  2. Embassy of France in Russia

  3. University of Orleans

  4. TAIGA-EUROPA Association Ассоциация

  5. University of Poitiers

  6. French Institute in Russia

  7. State Institute for Training Specialists in Agriculture

Czech Republic

  1. Charles University

  2. University of Economics and Mangement

  3. Central Bohemian University


  1. University of Tokyo