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S –Student 

U – Universe


History and traditions of classical higher education

Derzhavin Tambov State University is a university with a rich history and established academic traditions. It is one of the leading universities of the Central Chernozem Region. In 2018 the University celebrated its 100th anniversary.

Convenient geographical location

The University is located in the city of Tambov, the heart of the European part of Russia, not far from the capital city. Tambov has an extensive transport infrastructure, which allows you to travel by car, train or plane to all parts of Russia.

Ecologically clean region

Tambov region is the leader of ecological ratings! Tambov is among the top ten cities in Russia in terms of the level of urban amenities. Tambov impresses with its nature, the splendor of picturesque parks and public gardens.

High level of security in the region

In terms of security indicators, Tambov is among Russian most livable cities.

In addition, the University has developed a set of measures that allow foreign students to feel securet, free and protected. The Security Service and the student law enforcement team "Derzhava" have been established in TSU. The University also has a special law center where foreign students can get legal advice.

Cost of consumer goods basket / affordability of education

The cost of living in Tambov for students is 15,000 rubles per month, including meals, transportation costs and a hostel payment, which is 550-1100 rubles per month.

Intercultural learning environment

About 2,500 foreign students from 64 countries are studying at TSU! Students are trained both on a state-funded basis, within the quota determined by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, and on a fee-paying basis.

Wide range of educational programs

The University offers a wide range of promising specialties and programs in 150 areas of bachelor's, specialist, master's and PhD programs, as well as various forms of internships, non-degree training programs and distance learning.

Training in Russian, English and French

Foreign students who want to take courses taught in Russian have the opportunity to study at the Preparatory Department, where they not only study the Russian language, but also receive training in a certain profile, including medical, biological, humanitarian and economic.

We offer a number of courses and programs taught in English and French.

Practically oriented training

The University's infrastructure allows students not only to receive a quality education, but also to acquire necessary skills for future work.

A broad network of partnerships

TSU named after G.R. Derzhavin has more than 100 foreign partners in 45 countries, including leading universities, renowned research centers and public organizations of Belarus, China, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Poland, Serbia, the Czech Republic, the United States, Ukraine and other countries.

In cooperation with foreign partners, the University participates in the implementation of international projects and joint research work.

Adaptation program for international students

Professional psychologists conduct group sessions, individual consultations, psychological trainings and psychodiagnostic examination. There are also psychological support centers. In addition, intercultural communication trainings are conducted.

Active student life

Derzhavin University offers students not only a quality education, but also provides them with different facilities, including sports complexes, theaters, laboratories, medical centers and recreation centers, to develop their sports, creative and cultural skills. TSU students are participants of all city and regional events.

Opportunity to open the world with TSU

TSU has a Center for International Tourism and Education "Open World", which was established to organize tourist trips for students. The Center develops tourist routes taking into account students’ interests and opportunities.

Recognition of a TSU diploma abroad

TSU Diploma is recognized abroad. Ministries of Education of a number of countries have included our university in the list of universities that they recommend to their citizens for training.

Each graduate of the University can also receive a Diploma Supplement, a special document developed by the European Commission, the Council of Europe and UNESCO. It includes information regarding the degree as well as detailed descriptions of the courses taken by the student, so that it is easier to evaluate and recognize Russian degrees abroad – both academically and professionally – and promote a free and transparent circulation of degrees internationally. The benefits which DS gives to students are as follows:

  • a qualification that is more readable and easily comparable abroad;

  • a precise description of their academic career and the competencies acquired during their studies;

  • easier access to opportunities for work or further studies abroad.


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