Tambov Student Universe


Sports facilities

Derzhavin University offers students an excellent opportunity for comprehensive physical development. TSU has a wide range of sports facilities, including large sports and recreation complexes, stadiums, fitness centers, gyms and sports grounds.

All of them are conveniently located and accessible to every student!

They are the venues for major sports competitions, large-scale tournaments, and for many cultural events, because the capacity of the TSU sports facilities is up to 4,000 thousand spectators!

  • The Antey Sports Palace, 185A Sovietskaya Str.

  • TSU Stadium, 181 Sovietskaya Str.

  • Fitness Center "Atletico", 181 Sovietskaya Str.

  • Sports and Fitness Complex (SFC), 181 Sovietskaya Str.

  • Games Hall, 185A Sovietskaya Str.
  • Fitness Room, 185a Sovietskaya Str.

  • Gym, 185A Sovietskaya Str.


Each student can choose the kind of sport he/she likes!

  • Football, volleyball, basketball, ice-hockey and other sports games;

  • Winter sports: skiing, polyathlon, speed skating;

  • Gymnastics, athletics;

  • Orienteering;

  • Table tennis;

  • Shooting;

  • Rowing ... and others!