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International Student Volunteers “GoodWin”

Live with bright thoughts and actions!

Students of different countries are united by the desire to change the world for the better!

  • Patronage of orphanages

  • Patronage of homes for the elderly

  • Donation of blood

  • Annual participation in the action "Immortal Regiment" and "Congratulate the Veteran"

  • Lecturing on healthy lifestyle in medical institutions of the city

  • Cleaning of parks and courtyards

  • Rendering of translation services


Become a volunteer – make the world kinder and better!

Phone: +7 920 473 53 39

Roxana Donets - leader of the “GoodWin”

E-mail: ums@tsutmb.ru


GoodWin in social networks:

• Russian volunteers site: http://volunteerinternational.org/

• VKontakte: https://vk.com/goodwintsu

• TSU site: http://sdibumerang-tgu.ru/volonterskie-otryady.html

• Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/189836928431251/