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Today Derzhavin Tambov State University, like many universities in this country, faces new challenges. They are associated with the demographic decline and the financial crisis. The motivation of students to continue their education is decreasing, and employers are not always satisfied with the quality of educational services. The education market itself is shrinking, and the development of distance technologies is shifting competition for educational services to new levels. In such conditions, the requirements for higher education establishments are increasing.

The University focuses on classical university specialties, which allows it to position its mission. Derzhavin University is the center of human potential reproduction for the Tambov region and Central Russia. Through the system of preservation, dissemination and creation of knowledge, sociocultural values, broadcasting of modern information, the University prepares the future intellectual elite of the society on the basis of integration of education, science and innovations.

The University provides comprehensive development of the individual, training of highly qualified specialists with entrepreneurial skills. In the conditions of the knowledge-driven economy and innovation, classical education makes it possible to respond flexibly to the demands of the labor market, to modify specialization several times over the course of one's life, and to build a variable professional trajectory.

The main goal of the University development is to increase the competitiveness of our graduates in the labor market, enhance the role of the University in the socio-economic, scientific, technical and socio-cultural space of the Tambov region and Central Russia, to ensure the sustainability of its development in interaction with the environment through openness, scientific, educational, consulting and expert activities, and educational work.

TSU named after G.R. Derzhavin is a classical university that provides a variety of fundamental education programs. The main areas of educational and scientific activities of Derzhavin University are the priorities for socio-economic development of the region, including medical and pedagogical ones, which have the highest demand for personnel in the region, as well as the priorities in innovative, economic, legal, humanitarian and socio-cultural areas. In this regard, the implementation of the Strategy is related to the development of the following strategic priorities:

  1. Pedagogical education - formation of a new generation, development of successful social life and career. Derzhavin University provides training of pedagogical staff for all levels of education using modern approaches and methods of teaching.
  2. Medical education - improving the quality of life through the development of health-saving technologies. Derzhavin University is realizing the program of growth of medical service and development of high biomedical technologies.
  3. Natural-science and physical and mathematical education - development of Tambov region as a center of food security, active implementation of innovations and innovative technologies. Derzhavin University supports the development of fundamental and applied research in priority areas, actively participates in Russia's technology platforms.
  4. Legal education - creation of modernized legal mechanisms for the management of the region, the development of legal culture and relations. Civil education of students and service to society remain the priorities of Derzhavin University.
  5. Economic education - support for the transition to a new stage of society development, reindustrialization of the region. Derzhavin University makes a practical contribution to the innovative development and competitiveness of the Tambov region and Central Russia. It serves as an expert consultative center for socio-economic development.
  6. Sociocultural, historical and philological education - positioning of the region in the cultural space and preservation of the historical and cultural heritage. Derzhavin University is a center of cultural life and spiritual and moral development.

Prospects for the University development in the face of new challenges determine the strategic objectives of the university development in the framework of the main activities (personnel policy, educational policy, scientific and innovation policy, social and educational work, international activity, and infrastructure development).