Tambov Student Universe



Rector – Vladimir Stromov, PhD in Law










Vice-Rector for International Relations and International Student Affairs – Tatiana Osadchaya, Doctor of Economics, Professor:

Coordinates activities of structural divisions of the University in solving the following issues:

- analysis of the state policy of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation in the field of the internationalization of higher education, development of the University concept of international activities and ways of its implementation;

- implementation and evaluation of the University Development Strategy, monitoring of its activities, drawing up and reporting on the implementation of the University Development Strategy in the field of international activities;

- interaction with the International Department of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and the Federal Agency Rossotrudnichestvo under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation on the issues of training compatriots living abroad, obtaining quotas for training foreign citizens and promoting the Russian language and culture abroad;

- establishing partnership links with foreign universities and monitoring of the implementation of cooperation agreements between the University and foreign educational institutions;

- coordination of academic mobility of academic staff, undergraduate and postgraduate students of the Derzhavin University and partner universities;

- coordination of international projects and programs aimed at improving the University ranking abroad and attracting leading foreign experts in relevant fields for research and educational activities at the University;

- organization and control of foreign student recruitment to the University for all programs and areas of training and for all forms of education;

- interaction with recruiting firms, participation in educational exhibitions abroad for the purpose of positioning the University and attracting foreign entrants;

- coordination of career guidance work with foreign entrants, control over educational documents, development of methodological recommendations and reference materials for foreign applicants;

- organization of regular work on social adaptation and integration of foreign students;

- coordination of teaching and educational work with foreign students in the departments of the University and academic work with TSU students doing their internships and studies in foreign partner universities;

- organization of work on establishment and implementation of communication with graduates of the University, Associations of graduates of Soviet and Russian universities;

- organization of work aimed at the observation of migration legislation of the Russian Federation by foreign students and monitoring of migration and visa control;

- interaction with regional authorities, local authorities, the Office of the Federal Migration Service of Russia in the Tambov Region, Tambov Regional Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, medical institutions and other organizations on issues of socialization, health, prevention of illegal activities and compliance with Russian legislation;

- supporting relations with diplomatic representations of the Russian Federation in foreign countries and embassies of foreign countries accredited in Moscow;

- organization of reception at the University of foreign delegations, including diplomatic corps; provision of the protocol events held at the University with the participation of representatives of foreign countries or international organizations.


Vice-rector for Academic Affairs – Irina Naletova, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor:

Coordinates activities of structural divisions of the University in solving the following issues:

- analysis of the state policy of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation in the field of higher education, development of the University educational policy and monitoring of its implementation;

- implementation of the University Development Strategy, evaluation of the implementation of the Development Strategy, social monitoring of the evaluation of the university's activities and its interactions, drawing up and reporting on the implementation of the Strategy and the activities of the university as a whole;

- formation of basic educational programs, taking into account the demand of the region, provision of the implementation of educational programs of higher professional education, secondary vocational education, established state educational standards, and ensuring the quality of education at the University;

- conducting certification of the heads of the main educational programs, monitoring the performance of attestation;

- coordination of organizational and personnel, educational and methodological work and information and technical support of the educational process, control of educational and methodological work of the heads of the main educational programs, departments and other educational structural divisions of the University;

- control of the development of curricula and other educational materials of the main educational programs, ensuring their compliance with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation;

- formation of individual educational trajectories, introduction of a modular organization of the educational process and project-based teaching;

- control over the quality of students' education, the movement of students, the work of examination, attestation and appeal commissions;

- coordination of career guidance work with entrants, work of the University Admission Committee, development of normative legal documents and methodological recommendations for organization of student admission;

- organization of interaction with educational institutions of secondary general and vocational education, provision of a continuous educational process.


Vice-Rector for Informatization and Innovative Development – Pavel Moiseev, PhD in Economics:

Coordinates activities of structural divisions of the University in solving the following issues:

- management of the TSU’s information infrastructure and innovative activities of the University;

- development of the University informatization program;

- organization of work dealing with the implementation of the development program, modernization of the University's teaching and laboratory facilities, equipment of modern educational and scientific laboratories supporting the educational process and research of University professors and students, including simulation centers and laboratories;

- ensuring uninterrupted operation, development, and modernization of the University computer park, corporate local networks, multimedia and office equipment;

- development and implementation of promising programs for the computerization of all areas of the University;

- monitoring of the University activities in the field of informatization;

- development of solutions for the introduction of prospective software (including open source software) to the academic, scientific and managerial processes at the University, ensuring clean license of the software products used;

- organization of methodological assistance in the implementation of software products;

- technical and methodological support for the development of the distance education system at the University;

- organization of hardware and software maintenance service;

- interaction with regional and other organizations aimed at the development of common information space of the region;

- provision of University departments with computer, office and presentation equipment;

- University participation in federal, regional, municipal, international and other exhibitions.


Vice-Rector for Research – Elena Yurina, Doctor of Economics, Professor:

Coordinates activities of structural divisions of the University in solving the following issues:

- analysis of the state policy of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation in the field of research and development, policy and strategy development for University research activity;

- planning and formation of scientific topics of the University, development of fundamental and applied science at the University;

- development of scientific schools and areas of research, University centers and laboratories, taking into account priority areas of research of the Russian Federation and the region;

- improving the effectiveness of funding University science, developing grant activities of the University academic staff, monitoring the results of intellectual activity in the University;

- development of scientific infrastructure, coordination and control of the work of scientific and research institutes, scientific and scientific-educational centers and laboratories and departments of the University;

- organization and coordination of scientific activities of the University, expansion of scientific links of the University;

- general management of training of highly qualified personnel and researchers, organization of postgraduate and doctoral studies, provision and development of activities of dissertational councils of the University;

- development of publishing platforms of the University, the Publishing House of TSU named after GR. Derzhavin, increasing the research chops of the University and its employees;

- development of student research activity at the University, coordination of the activities of the Council for Students’ Scientific Research and the Council of Young Researchers and the University Scientific and Technical Council;

- positioning the University as the leading scientific center of the region.


Vice-rector for Corporate Policy and Educational Work – Svetlana Konchakova, PhD in Philology:

Coordinates activities of structural divisions of the University in solving the following issues:

- development of corporate, social and educational policies: maintaining a unified system of corporate communications, including a system of social support for university students. Control over its execution;

- analysis of state policy in the sphere of youth education;

- formation of a positive public opinion towards Derzhavin University through the implementation of the corporate policy mechanism;

- expansion of the university's interaction with state structures, regional authorities, educational and scientific institutions, public organizations, mass media, economic entities, university graduates;

- control over the promotion of the university's brand in the regional and federal educational space;

- actualization of the youth policy and values of the corporate culture in accordance with the requirements of the time;

- preservation and augmentation of historical and cultural traditions of the University, continuity in educating students, introduction to the University spirit, formation of a sense of University corporate identity and solidarity;

- formation of personal qualities necessary for an efficient professional activity, competitiveness of future specialists in changing conditions;

- formation of students' civil position and patriotic consciousness, legal and political culture;

- formation of students spiritual, moral and cultural values and needs, ethical norms and generally accepted rules of social behavior;

- creation of conditions for creative self-realization of an individual, provision of leisure activities for students during extra-curricular time;

- formation of the need for a healthy lifestyle;

- coordination of volunteer activities;

- prevention of anti-corruption, anti-terrorism and anti-drug activities;

- prevention of socially dangerous diseases and organization of proper nutrition;

- provision of assistance to graduates of orphanages and children from socially disadvantaged families;

- organization of educational activities, patriotic actions;

- organization and coordination of corporate University events;

- development and implementation of innovative projects aimed at developing student initiatives and creativity.


Vice- rector for Continuing Vocational Education - Irina Averina, PhD in Psychology:

Coordinates activities of structural divisions of the University in solving the following issues:

- carries out strategic forecasting of the development directions of the system of continuous professional education;

- forms the strategy for the development of general education and the system of secondary vocational education of the University;

- provides comprehensive support for a multi-level system for identifying and supporting gifted children;

- organizes the conduct of competitions for future applicants;

- organizes the broadcast of the best practices in the system of additional professional education in the subjects of the Russian Federation;

- organizes the coordination of the organization of the internal university system of advanced training of employees of the TSU named after G.R. Derzhavin.


Vice-Rector for Administrative and Maintenance Activities and Infrastructure Development – Vladimir Pozdnyakov:

Coordinates activities of structural divisions of the University in solving the following issues:

- organization of work of the University maintenance services;

- ensuring normal working and living conditions for employees and students,

- maintenance of order and necessary sanitary and hygienic condition in all premises of the University, student hostels and sports facilities;

- organization and implementation of capital construction, capital and current repairs, works for the improvement of the University and catchment areas;

- control over economic activity and operation of student hostels, organization of living conditions, maintenance of order in dormitories (in accordance with the rules of residence), sanitary and preventive measures in accordance with the requirements of Sanitary Rules and Regulations;

- organization of technical supervision over the condition of buildings and facilities of the University, control over the state of labor protection, fire safety of the University in accordance with existing norms, rules and regulations;

- provision of the University with materials, equipment and furniture for educational, scientific, economic and cultural needs;

- control over the proper use and accounting of material assets, their writing-off in accordance with the terms of operation and the technical condition;

- organization of work on registration of all pieces of the University property.