Derzhavin Tambov State University

Welcome to Derzhavin Tambov State University!

Admission of international students to Derzhavin Tambov State University

  1. Fill in an Application Form
  2. Receive an official response from TSU
  3. Create a Personal Account
  4. Fill in an Application Form in your Personal Account
  5. Upload the required application documents to your Personal Account
    Set of Documents Required to Apply
    • An application form for an educational programme. The application is filled in and uploaded to the Personal Account
    • An original Credential (document of education) and its supplements with grades/marks. The educational documents should be properly prepared to be submitted in the Russian Federation.
      Some educational certificates will have to undergo legalisation to be recognised in the Russian Federation (requires a recognition certificate or a qualifications equivalence certificate).
      Study details for Recognition of foreign educational credentials.
    • A copy of an identity document and all educational documents issued in a foreign language must
      be translated into Russian.
  6. Pass entrance tests
    Check the list of required tests 
  7. Wait for the results of the admission tests. 
  8. Sign a student contract in case of a positive enrollment decision. Prepare all the required documents before departure to Russia.
  9. Prepare a full document package and obtain a visa (if required).
    More information about a visa
  10. For more information read Admission Rules to TSU on the website or contact us if you have any questions , e-mail: