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TSU to double the quota for student and academic exchanges in the Czech Republic

26 September 2018

A delegation of the Tambov State University, including Vladimir Romanov, dean of the Faculty of History, World Politics and Sociology and Natalia Zhukovskaya, head of the Department of International Relations and Political Science, visited Charles University in the Czech Republic. They discussed with colleagues from the partner university further cooperation and the extension of the contract.

The parties decided to double the quota for student and academic exchanges and the period of stay in the partner universities. Every year, philology students leave for internships in the Czech Republic, TSU professors take part in scientific conferences held in Charles University, conduct lectures for Czech students specializing in the Russian language and literature and do research in the archives of Prague. Now, the future joint projects of the two universities will attract students majoring in History and International Relations.

“The Czech colleagues were interested in proposals for joint research projects, dual academic co-advising of course works and dissertations, attracting professors from Charles University to give lectures on the history of the Czech Republic and international relations in Central and Eastern Europe,” said Natalia Zhukovskaya.