29 October 2018

Over two thousand guests visited the "Night at TSU”


The ‘Night at TSU’ dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the University has taken place for the first time ever in the educational building of the Medical Institute.

“In the year of the 100th anniversary TSU, we are happy to open the doors of the University to everyone,” said Vladimir Stromov, TSU rector. “The main idea of the “Night at TSU” is to show that the University is an educational platform not only for students, but also for Tambov citizens.”

The event brought together more than two thousand guests of all ages and interests. It took place in the oldest educational building of Derzhavin University, which in 2018 turned 175 years old. The building was built in 1843 to host Alexandrinsky Institute for Noble Maidens. Earlier on this place there was the estate of Gavriil Romanovich Derzhavin, Tambov Governor. Now it houses the Medical Institute of the University.

During the tour, the guests were introduced to the legends and stories of the Institute for Noble Maidens, as well as the main milestones of the hundred-year history of Tambov State University. Everyone could visit the Museum of Medicine, which includes a collection of 840 anatomical anomalies, and the Anatomical Museum, where there are more than 350 exhibits of all sections of normal human anatomy. In addition, the visitors could enjoy a virtual tour of all buildings of Derzhavin University.

A large-scale educational program was also offered to the guests of the "Night at TSU", including master classes in web design, eSports, 3D modeling and prototyping, first aid and others.

Many visitors were attracted by the open chemical laboratory “OpenChemLab”, where everyone could feel like a chemist and take part in experiments. The astronomy and physics laboratory was also popular with visitors. The guests were also interested in master classes in dentistry and dissection of frogs.

Fans of literature took part in the marathon of one poem, which, in the framework of the “Night at TSU” and the Lyceum Day, was held by the partner of the event - Tambov Regional Scientific Universal Library named after A.S. Pushkin. Everyone was able to temporarily become detectives on the quest "Find the criminal." In addition, everyone could feel like a hero of the Star Wars movie saga in the photo zone of the Laser Battlefield Club “Galaxy”. One more partner of the university - “Russian Post” - suggested that everyone send postcards with the symbols of “Night at TSU” from the venue.

The youngest guests spent time in the development and play areas. A separate room worked for fans of board games.

The spectators who gathered at the assembly hall enjoyed a non-stop performance of leading dance and vocal groups of the University, KVN (Club for the Lighthearted and Quick-witted) teams and stand-up comedians. International students presented national creative numbers.

Throughout the evening, guests received points that could be exchanged for souvenirs. The final of the event was a raffle of valuable prizes from partners.

“The ‘Night at TSU’ is something mysterious and at the same time fascinating. There were so many guests that it seemed that half the town had come to this event!” shared her impression Anastasia Soboleva, a participant of the event. “Game stations, master classes, a concert program, the Museum of Medicine, dissection of frogs, a detective quest and many more - everything was at the highest level!”