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Scientists of Derzhavin University took part in the work of the Goethe Institute Summer Academy (Germany)

6 August 2019

Associate professors of the Department of Foreign Philology and Linguistics Ekaterina Ryabykh and Elena Kuzmina took part in continuing education courses and working meetings at the Summer Academy, organized by the Goethe Institute (Germany) on the basis of Pyatigorsk State University.

In 2016 the Goethe Institute launched the all-Russian project “German - the first second foreign language”, which found great support in the regions. With the introduction of teaching German as a second foreign language, 4712 schools received support from the Goethe Institute. In the Tambov region, thanks to the efforts of the Resource Center, created on the basis of TSU named after G.R. Derzhavina, in collaboration with the Goethe Institute (head of the center – Sergey  Khudyakov, coordinator - E.katerina Ryabykh), more than 50 schools were involved in the project.

In connection with the upcoming changes in the educational standard in the Russian Federation, the participants of the Summer Academy worked on the problem of popularizing the German language and culture in our country, on issues related to strengthening the position of the German language as a second foreign language in Russian schools, developed new activities aimed at maintaining the achievements results. Profiling schools with the help of qualified German teachers and the use of innovative teaching formats can help to consolidate this success. For this purpose, teachers, university teachers, animators, school directors, representatives of the leadership of educational organizations and resource centers were invited to Pyatigorsk to exchange experiences, get acquainted with new ideas, and also determine the steps for further cooperation.

Within the framework of the working meetings, the results of the project “German - the first second foreign language” were summed up and further cooperation was planned between the partner regions of the project and the Goethe German Cultural Center. The project coordinators and representatives of the resource centers got acquainted with the new proposals of the Goethe-Institute, and within the workshop, new ideas for further cooperation were developed together with representatives of the leadership of educational organizations.

All the events of the Summer Academy were attended by the Deputy Director of the Goethe German Cultural Center in Moscow, the Head of the Language Department in the Eastern Europe and Central Asia Region Ulrike Wurz, the Deputy Director of the Goethe German Cultural Center in St. Petersburg, the Head of the Language Department Dr. Angela Noke, Project coordinator of the language department of the Goethe German Cultural Center in Warsaw Eva-Dorota Ostashevska, as well as representatives of the Goethe Institute in Moscow Tatyana Egorova and Vladimir Nedby.