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Vladimir Stromov, TSU Rector, Congratulates on Victory Day

7 May 2018

Dear veterans of the Great Patriotic War, war workers, dear Tambov inhabitants!

May 9, 1945 is forever inscribed in the heroic record of our country. We will never forget the heroism of the people liberator, who defended in the bloody battles the independence and integrity of our state, the people's right to a peaceful life, to creation and development. It is a national holiday, uniting all generations of Russians.

Dear veterans!

We will keep forever in our memory your self-sacrifice and selfless service to the Motherland. The farther away from us those harsh and sacred days are, the brighter the understanding of the global significance of this Victory is. On your example, we have brought up more than one generation of young citizens of Russia. Thank you very much for your immortal feat! May peace and prosperity always be in your homes. Strong health and long life!

Happy Victory Day!