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TSU announced grants for training

11 May 2018

At the initiative of the rector of TSU Vladimir Stromov this year the university will allocate funds for full-time education in Derzhavin University in such areas of study as "Vocal Art", "The Art of Acting" and "Linguistics". According to the head of the University, the lack of budgetary places or their small number should not prevent talented young people from entering the University. Both eleventh-graders and students of secondary professional educational institutions could apply for the grant.

The contest was held in two stages in the categories corresponding to the areas of study. At the first stage the jury considered a portfolio of achievements of applicants.

At the second stage the applicants for the grant in the nominations "Vocal Art" and "The Art of Acting" took a creative test, and applicants in the nomination "Linguistics" showed knowledge of a foreign language, performing the tasks "Interview" and "Error Correction".

The competition results are as follows: Angelina Nikolskaya, Ekaterina Sayapina, Ekaterina Fedosova and Georgy Belyansky became the winners in the "Linguistics" nomination.

Irina Bragina and Lusine Harutyunyan became the winners in the nomination "Vocal Art":

Denis Tretyakov and Ilya Prilepsky, the winners in the "Art of Acting" nomination, will do the acting course free of charge.

Another seven people will be able to study at a discount of 75%.

“It is always a great pleasure for me to go on stage and make people happy. A competition is another opportunity to show my creative abilities,” - shared her opinion Galina Stepanova, the winner of the discount on training. – “Now main task for me is to pass the USE at school successfully and enter the university.”

Last year TSU also held a grant competition, which provided the winners with an opportunity to take "Choreographic Art", "Art of Acting" and "Physical Culture" courses free of charge.