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TSU faculty and students organized a holiday for the residents of the town of Morshansk

14 May 2018

On May 12, a TSU team visited Morshansk to hold the festival "Derzhavin University to Morshansk". Museum and exhibition rooms, psychological and pedagogical workshops were organized in the town. Lectures, master classes and thematic excursions were conducted in the TSU Information and Communication Center.

At the same time University animators played games with kindergarten children and younger schoolchildren in Town Garden named after A.S. Pushkin. TSU institutes and faculties were also presented there. The Institute of Law and National Security developed a forensic laboratory and a training point for the foundations of military service and special training, the Medical Institute set up a volunteer emergency medical aid station. The Faculty of Culture and Arts organized creative workshops, which included the painting of gingerbread, master classes on quilling and face painting.

The festival ended with a lively concert of TSU creative groups.

“Morshansk, as our historians write, was once a commercial center with a high level of concentration of merchants. It was the grain port of Russia, a town with a very impressive historical and cultural infrastructure. All this was created with the money of Morshansk merchants,” - said Vladimir Stromov, rector of TSU named after GR. Derzhavin. – “The town still preserves the color of the old merchant's place. If you look closely, it is a town-museum, an architectural town-monument. I have had a strong desire for a long time to organize some useful event here. We intended to make a family holiday. I'm glad to have this realized. The rain and cold were, of course, a significant hindrance, but not an obstacle. The festival, despite everything, was definitely a success. Thanks a lot to the team of Derzhavin University! Many thanks to the residents of Morshansk! I want to extend the practice of holding such festivals to all the towns cities of Tambov region.