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The enrollment campaign 2018 has been launched at TSU

20 June 2018

Derzhavin University has launched an enrollment campaign. Admission of applicants to TSU is carried out according to 6 profiles of the general secondary education program, 8 specialties of secondary vocational education, 9 specialties of higher education, 47 areas of training for bachelor's degree programs, 49 areas of training for master's degree programs, 14 residency training specialties, full-time and part-time forms of education on a state-funded basis and on a fee-paying basis.

“2018 is a special year for Derzhavin University, its century year. Today we have a record number of state-financed study places: more than 1400. This can’t but rejoice. At the same time, it entrusts us with a great responsibility: we must enroll the best school leavers,” said Vladimir Stromov, TSU Rector. “The University offers the areas of training demanded by the country's economy. We look to the future with confidence: the number of state-funded places for the 2019-2020 academic year will be increased by more than 100, mainly in full-time education.

On the day the enrollment campaign was launched, the TSU rector presented memorable gifts to the first applicants. Everyone who came to apply or consult, received University souvenirs, and also made a virtual tour of the infrastructure of Derzhavin University.

“It was during my studies in the profile class at TSU that I realized that Derzhavin University is one of the best places to study," said Diana, an applicant. “I have participated in a large number of University events and competitions, and in senior classes I began to immerse in student life. Naturally, all this was very pleasant, and there was no doubt that I would come here.”