27 June 2018

Master classes are being held by the British Professor Aleksandar Dundjerovic


Professor Aleksandar Dundjerovic of the Birmingham City University, a director and theater researcher is now conducting classes in acting arts at TSU. Within four days, students and professors will be acquiring the experience of the British professor.

“Aleksandar Dundjerovic has come for a few days to teach us something unusual and new. This cannot be missed!” Tatyana Khvostova, a second-year student of the "Acting Art" area of study shared her impressions. “This year we are taking Shakespeare's tragedy "Romeo and Juliet". It's interesting to work with Aleksandar Dundjerovic, but you have to listen carefully not to miss anything, and try to overcome the language barrier.”

This is not the first visit of the professor to Derzhavin University. Last year one of the classes with students was dedicated to the basics of William Shakespeare's drama. Based on the original text, students showed extracts in a modern way, using costumes and scenery.

“This year, the professor is working with the same group of students as in the past. We continue studying the works by William Shakespeare, we are taking one more step forward in acting,” Aleksandar Dundjerovic said. “The peculiarity of the current master classes is that we are trying to approach the style of work of actors' troupes of the author's time. On a previous visit, I noted for myself that TSU students are very talented, interested and motivated. They are easy to work with.”

Tambov State University has been cooperating with the Birmingham City University since 2015. The collaboration mainly deals with performing arts: acting, choreography and directing.