1 September 2018

Derzhavin University celebrated Day of Knowledge


On September 1, TSU freshmen, professors and staff gathered on the square near the monument to student. They were united by a traditional Derzhavin Assembly.

"Today is a historic day for us: we are writing another page in the 100th-year history of Tambov State University," Vladimir Stromov, TSU rector said addressing the assembly.” Today, the doors of the Derzhavin University open for 3,400 freshmen. I am sure, as early as the third of September, you will actively join TSU's life, show excellent results in learning and extracurricular activities. The University will provide you with every opportunity to achieve them. Our goal is to make sure that our graduates are highly demanded and most successful. The main thing is to move towards this goal like one cohesive team.”

Before Day of Knowledge, first-year students were able to get acquainted with the University: on the square in front of the monument to student organized thematic sites. New members of the Derzhavin University family could choose their occupation in addition to studying, learn where they can develop and improve their abilities and talents. They were helped by the activists of the University.

On February 20, 2018, a new department - the Military Department was opened at TSU. Freshmen of the department were present at the Assembly.

On Day of Knowledge, students and graduates were awarded for their outstanding achievements in educational, scientific and sports activities.

The culmination moment was the parade of students' associations of TSU. Members of sports clubs, volunteer teams, dance and music groups marched on the square. The best artists and musicians of Derzhavin University performed for the guests.

“I’ve been examining TSU for a long time. The close cooperation of the school in which I studied and Derzhavin University helped me to make a choice in favor of TSU, "said Anastasia Zharikova, a TSU first-year student. “I really want to become a member of the Student Council, join a volunteer squad, it's a great opportunity not only to help people, but also to make friends and try myself in a new role. I'm glad that now I'm a student at TSU.”

The Derzhavin Assembly ended with a traditional balloon release and confetti salute.