19 September 2018

Exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of TSU opened in Derzhavin University


The mobile exhibition "Stages of the Big Way" has been opened in the main building of TSU named after G.R. Derzhavin. The exhibition is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Tambov State University. It represents history of the University and tells about the stages of its development. The exposition is based on collection of documents and fine art sources of the Museum of History of the TSU Museum-Exhibition Complex.

“TSU chronicle keeps many glorious and bright pages. We honor the history of our University and are proud of it,” says the rector Vladimir Stromov. “Today Derzhavin University is the largest scientific and educational center not only in the Tambov region, but also in the entire Chernozem region. We are confident in the future - there are many challenges ahead, which we have to solve.”

According to the author of the project, director of the Museum and TSU Exhibition Complex Nadezhda Budyukina, the main goal of the exhibition is to show the modern generation rich and eventful history of Tambov State University.

"Selecting the material for this exhibition, we tried to show glorious milestones of the history of the University and find such exhibits that very few people have seen so far," says Nadezhda Budyukina. “The history of Tambov State University includes many interesting facts, labor feats and feats of arms, documentary evidence of the University formation and bright memories of a carefree student life. These are the stages of a long history. We set ourselves the task of making the University staff and students feel their involvement in the history of TSU. We should be proud of the legacy that previous generations of professors and university staff left for us.

The exhibition is intended for schoolchildren, students, teachers, Tambov residents and guests. Within two weeks the exposition is available in the main building of TSU at: Tambov, ul. International, 33, second floor.