21 September 2018

TSU celebrated International Day of Peace


International Day of Peace was celebrated at Derzhavin University. Representatives of TSU, Tambov Theological Seminary, the Youth Council of Tambov City Duma discussed the contribution of modern generation to the development of universal human values.

“We are aware that we belong to a large and multinational country. TSU only trains 2,500 foreign students,” said Tatyana Osadchaya, vice-rector for international relations and foreign student affairs. “We all duffer in color, nationality and religion. But everybody wants to have friends, love and create a close-knit family. To carry out these desires, we need a peaceful sky overhead.

In front of the building of the Medical Institute TSU foreign students, volunteers of the international team "GoodWin" together with students of Lyceum No. 12 named after G.R. Derzhavin drew pictures on the asphalt dedicated to peace, held a flashmob "Under the Same Sun" and made a symbol of peace - a pigeon.

"We regularly participate in actions that strengthen interethnic friendship," said Safa Hussam, a fifth-year medical student from Syria. “When we change, people around us also change. Each of us can contribute to the improvement of the world.”

In conclusion, TSU students released white pigeons into the sky.