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A teacher from Belarus, Marina Andriashko, completed an internship at Derzhavin University

November 23, 2022



Associate Professor of the Department of General Legal Disciplines and Public Administration of Baranovichi State University (Republic of Belarus) has completed an internship at Derzhavin University Marina Andriashko. The topic is "Professional training of students in the disciplines of the state-legal block".

Our university has been cooperating with Baranovichi State University since 2008. Traditionally, representatives of universities interact in the scientific, youth and public spheres. The internship was held under the state program of the Republic of Belarus "Education and Youth Policy", which offers teachers of general professional and special disciplines to undergo internships in various organizations, including abroad.

At Derzhavin University Marina Andriashko studied the content of academic disciplines of the state-legal block, innovative forms of organization of educational activities in the professional training of students in legal specialties at our university, etc. In addition, she gave lectures to students on family law treaties of the Republic of Belarus and demographic security.

– This is a unique opportunity and a great privilege to meet wonderful and sensitive people, professionals who diligently support the ideas of continuity of generations, the qualitative development of legal education in the region, – says Marina Andriashko. – We discussed promising and mutually beneficial vectors for the development of cooperation, including in the aspect of the formation of project applications for the financing of scientific research in priority and modern areas. The work of colleagues from Derzhavin University, aimed at preserving and popularizing the heritage of outstanding lawyers who lived and worked in the Tambov region in one era or another, is very inspiring. I am very grateful for the opportunity to touch the history and get to know this area of work better.